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Museum of Jewish History

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Room dedicated to the Jewish cultural heritage.

Room dedicated to the Jewish cultural heritage.

Quite a few Catalan Jews played major roles in medieval science, literature and philosophy. The large panel presiding over the room is a tribute to these illustrious personalities. Among these, Mossé ben Nahman, or Nachmanides, the "Master of Girona", stands out. This most important figure of Girona's Jewish community in the Middles Ages has his own reserved space in the exhibition, highlighting the quality and reputation of his work, as well as the trajectory of his life from Girona to the Land of Israel.


07 The Mother City of The Jews

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<p>Seal of Moss&eacute; ben Nahman. 13th century, Catalonia. Reproduction (original held in the Israel Museum). Museum of Jewish History.</p>

Seal of Mossé ben Nahman
Seal of Mossé ben Nahman
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