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Audioguide · Girona History Museum


01. An iconic building. The mummification chamber
02. Carles Rahola's writing desk
03. Girona, industrial city. The Grober warper
04. Printing in Girona. Masó printing company's printer's cabinet
05. Roman city of Gerunda. The Can Pau Birol mosaic
06. The kingdom's Key city. Ladies' heads
07. The Baroque city. The headless angel
08. The Peninsular War. The Gran dia de Girona
09. Girona, capital. Objects in the science room at the Institut Vell
10. Radio in Girona. Radio broadcasting
11. Modernista and Noucentista Girona. Cúndaro Street, Mela Muter.
12. The Catalan Republic. Francesc Macià on the balcony of Girona City Council
13. Drawings by children from the Karl Marx School
14. The 60s to the 80s. The Gi in Girona
15. Girona and the Sardana. “Valenta”, by Teresa Suñer
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