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Tarragona Provincial Council Modern Art Museum

Bronze nude. Julio Antonio: A sculptor’s life

Julio Antonio.

Julio Antonio.

In 1968 the Tarragona Modern Art Museum received the bequest of a large part of the work of the sculptor Julio Antonio (b. Móra d’Ebre, 1889 – d. Madrid, 1919), who stands out for the part he played in the renewal of sculpture in Spain and for his links to the literary movement of the Generation of 98.

Although the exhibition contains various facets of Julio Antonio’s work, its main objective is to bring visitors face to face with the Monument to the Heroes of 1811 and to demonstrate the significance of the relationship between art and the society it coexists with.


<p>Tactile and visual space of Julio Antonio and Richard Wagner. Lost-wax cast bronze</p>
Tactile and visual space: Bron
Tactile and visual space: Bronze casting
<p><em>Lefts and Right Hands of Julio Antonio</em>, Julio Antonio<em>, </em>1911.</p>
Left and Right Hands of Julio
Left and Right Hands of Julio Antonio
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