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Girona Art Museum

Renaissance. Rooms 9 -12

Rooms 9 -12. Renaissance.

Rooms 9 -12. Renaissance.

16th century Girona art is mainly represented by foreign artists who incorporated features from the Renaissance in a Flemish Gothic style. A clear example is the "Sant Feliu de Girona altarpiece", which was started in 1504 and completed in 1520. Artists such as Perris de Fontaines (France) and Juan de Borgoña (Germany) contributed, and they brought with them new painting styles, derived from the most advanced trends of the time. Prints and engravings helped spread into new styles of painting, which in turn had an impact on Catalan painting. Under the influence of these new ways of painting, Pere Mates formed his own style, becoming one of the most important native painters from Girona, with several of his altarpieces on display.


<p><em>Sant Feliu Altarpiece</em>&nbsp;by Perris de Fontaines, Pedro Robredo, Joan de Ventrica and Juan de Borgo&ntilde;a, 1504-1520. Tempera/oil and wood.</p>
Sant Feliu de Girona altarpiec
Sant Feliu de Girona altarpiece
<p><em>Virgin with the Child and an angel </em>, Jean Massys, 16th century</p>
Virgin with the Child and an a
Virgin with the Child and an angel
<p><em>Seguer&ograve; altarpiece</em>, Pere Mates, 16th century. Oil/wood.</p>
Seguerò altarpiece
Seguerò altarpiece
<p><em>Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian</em>, Josep Tramulles, 1652-1679</p>
Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian
Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian
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