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Signguide · Girona Art Museum


00. Welcome

01. Romanesque

02. Majesty

03. Master of Cabestany, Head

04. Encolpium, Chrismarium and Portable Altar

05. Capital

06. Madonna of the Saviour

07. Beam of Cruïlles

08. Bowl of Besalú

09. Master of Pedrinyà, Apse

10. The Lioness

11. Gothic

12. Saint Columba

13. Master Bartomeu, Calvary

14. Martyrology of Usuard

15. Madonna of Pontós

16. Stained-Glass Artist Boards

17. Pere Àngel, Crown of the Constable of Portugal

18. Bishop’s Palace

19. Lluís Borrassà, Altarpiece of Saint Michael of Cruïlles

20. Bernat Martorell, Altarpiece of Saint Peter of Púbol

21. Renaissance

22. Joan de Burgunya, Scenes from the Life of Saint Felix in Girona

23. Pere Gascó, Burial of Saint Stephen

24. Jail

25. Pere Mates, Altarpiece of Segueró

26. Baroque

27. Josep Tramulles, Altarpiece of Saint Sebastian

28. Domènec Rovira the Elder, Saints

29. Reliquary

30. Andrea Vaccaro, Lot Made Drunk by His Daughters

31. Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

32. Joaquim Espalter, The Christian Era

33. Modest Urgell, The City Walls of Girona

34. Joaquim Vayreda, The Harvest

35. Miquel Blay, Against the Invader

36. Santiago Rusiñol, Girona

37. Prudenci Bertrana, Moonlit Night in Girona

38. Mela Muter, The Onyar River in Girona

39. Farewell

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