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Altarpiece of Saint Ursula

Altarpiece of Saint Ursula, Joan de Burgunya (Borgonya),

Altarpiece of Saint Ursula, Joan de Burgunya (Borgonya),

This central panel of the Retaule de santa Úrsula was painted by Joan de Borgonya for the Chapel of Santa Úrsula i les onze mil verges at Girona Cathedral.

The altarpiece, which in 1936 was at the Church of Santa Maria de les Olives in Pla de l’Estany, was burned during the Civil War. This panel survived thanks to the fact that it was transferred to the Girona Diocesan Museum in 1935.

Saint Ursula, identified by her attributes, namely the royal diadem, the arrow of martyrdom and the symbolic book of Christian faith, is here given a sculptural treatment embellished with ornamental details.


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