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The Usuard’s Martyrology

The Usuard’s Martyrology, 15th century

The Usuard’s Martyrology, 15th century

Hand-written book that narrates the martyrdom of saints related with the Christian calendar. The text dates from 1254 and is a copy of a 9th–century martyrology by the monk Usuard. The 705 miniatures that illustrate it are the work of four artists, whose names have been lost, and were executed around 1450.

This martyrology is originally from the royal workshops of Wenceslas I of Bohemia (today’s Czech Republic). It later came into the possession of Pere Antoni of Aragon, who donated it to the library of the Monastery of Poblet. And in 1836 it was transferred to the Convent of Les Bernades in Girona.

Usuard’s Martyrology, 15th century, parchment, 46.9 × 33.8 × 5.2 cm, Library of Pere Antoni d’Aragó, Monastery of Poblet

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