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Our Lady of Les Agulles

Our Lady of Les Agulles, 12th-13th centuries

Our Lady of Les Agulles, 12th-13th centuries

A polychrome wood carving from the sanctuary of Our Lady of Les Agullers or Les Agudes. Her name reflects a local tradition: the women who worshipped this image replaced the needles on their dresses with those of the Virgin. It reflects the devotion that these images inspired among the common people, and how this endured through the centuries, so that people continued to make clothes for these figures as late as the baroque period, following the fashions of the time.


Our Lady of Les Agulles, 12th -13th centuries, polychrome wood carving, 66 × 28 × 26 cm, Church of Sant Feliu de Riu, Montagut i Oix (Garrotxa)

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