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The Girona lioness

The Girona lioness, 12th century

The Girona lioness, 12th century

This sculpture was found adjoining a former old hostel on Carrer dels Calderers, the way into the city for travellers from France. For many years, foreigners entering the city were warned: ‘Nobody can claim to be a citizen of Girona without kissing the lioness’s backside’. Hence the fact that from the 1980s onwards this became a habitual gesture on the part of visitors to the city.

A copy was made in 1986and placed in front of the Church of Sant Feliu, while the one that stands there now dates from 1995.


The Girona lioness, 12th century, Limestone, 372 × 46 × 38 cm, Carrer dels Calderers, Girona (Gironès)

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