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Calvary, attributed to Mestre Bartomeu

Calvary, attributed to Mestre Bartomeu

The figures of Christ, the Virgin, St John and the two thieves crowned the lintel of the door that led from Girona cathedral cloister to the clerics’ cemetery. These sculptures mark the transition from the Romanesque to the Gothic. While the figure of Christ is more Gothic in style, the remaining figures are Romanesque in the treatment of the bodies, while their vestments are an indication of transition to the Gothic.

Some experts have attributed the group to Mestre Bartomeu, who was trained in the Romanesque cloister of Girona Cathedral and was one of the artists who introduced the Gothic style into Catalonia.

Calvary, attributed to Mestre Bartomeu, 13th century, limestone, maximum height 112 cm, Girona Cathedral (Gironés)

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