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Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya - Girona


<p>Harpoon,&nbsp;bone, La Bora Gran d&rsquo;en Carreras (Seriny&agrave;, Pla de l&rsquo;Estany), Upper Palaeolithic, 13,000-11,000 BC</p>

Harpoon, bone, La Bora Gran d’en Carreras (Serinyà, Pla de l’Estany), Upper Palaeolithic, 13,000-11,000 BC

Harpoon made of horn.

The emergence of Homo sapiens brought with it increased sophistication in both hunting techniques and the implements used. The use of the bow and arrow is first documented from the Upper Palaeolithic. Harpoons with one or two barbed ridges were very efficient when it came to immobilising quarry. They were often used in fishing.

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