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Museu Comarcal de l’Urgell-Tàrrega

Kernos from Molí de l’Espígol

Kernos from Molí de l’Espígol, circa 200 BC.

Kernos from Molí de l’Espígol, circa 200 BC.

This triangular-shaped ceramic kernos is composed of three small piriform – with a wide bulb and narrow neck – goblets on a rounded base to which they are fused with three small brackets. The material has a burnished finish to its surface.

Kernos are complex goblets or bowls that were well known in the ceramic traditions of ancient Greece and were also present in Iberian cultures, where they had a part to play in domestic rites of purification or blessing, when they would have been used for pouring libations to propitiate the gods, or for making sacrifices.

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