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Berga County Museum

Bourbon Berga

A strong fortified city with bastions to defend the Pre-Pyrenees and maintain control over the country. A prosperous, dynamic and artisan city capable of promoting the manufacturing transformation process with Maixerines or Berguedanes, cotton-spinning machines that opened its doors to the industrialisation process in Catalonia. 

In this period we should highlight the original pieces of the famous Maixerina or Berguedana donated by the descendants of Ramon Soler, which are accompanied by a model by Ramon Corominas (1980), where you can see the perfect functioning of the Maixerina, a reproduction in a third of the real size, according to the study plan drawn up by Ramon Soler. (num. 406 MCB)


<p>Model of a <em>Maixerina</em> or <em>Berguedana</em>, wood and iron.&nbsp;Berga County Museum.</p>

The Maixerina
The Maixerina
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