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Berga County Museum

Late Mediaeval Berga

At the beginning of this section you’ll find a display with images and specimens of the first archaeological dig in the county of Berguedà; the excavation of mediaeval grey ceramics at Casa en Ponç, directed by Dr Alberto del Castillo and Dr Manel Riu with the help of Dr Antoni Arribas and his wife Gloria Trias.

We could say that mediaeval archaeology came into being in Berguedà, the county with the highest number of excavated mediaeval settlements.

Each section has a piece that can be highlighted for its importance during this period. We should mention the ceramic jar from Pedret (n.252 MCB) from the 13th century, a cylindrical vessel with a glazed outer surface and decorated with caliphal tradition motifs in a manganese green. A valuable and restored piece found at the dig in 1962.


<p>Apothecary jar, enamelled ceramic, 14th century. Berga County Museum.</p>

Enamelled ceramic apothecary j
Enamelled ceramic apothecary jar
<p>Enamelled ceramic apothecary jar, 14th century.&nbsp;Berga County Museum.</p>

Carving of a Cistercian Saint
Carving of a Cistercian Saint
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