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Sala de síntesi - The synthesis room

Photo of the synthesis room. Author: Nicolau Guanyabens.

Photo of the synthesis room. Author: Nicolau Guanyabens.

Opened in 1996, the Sala de Síntesi is the permanent exhibition space for the collection of the most characteristic artistic pieces conserved by the Parish of Santa Maria, with a journey through time that links its historical development to that of the city, from Roman times until the early 20th century.

The exhibits had been liturgical objects or images of veneration and worship, and thus today they help to explain the religious life of the parish, as documented over more than a thousand years. The hall is located above the church sacristy, in the room that was formerly used for meetings and the archives of the community of presbyters of Santa Maria.

It brings together an important ensemble of artistic works, mostly sculpture and jewellery. We should highlight the two marble pieces from the Roman era, the Gothic-style processional cross, the 16th-century carving of Our Lady, the 17th-century tabernacle of the brotherhood of Our Lady of the Rosary, the bust of the eternal father from the old main altarpiece and the staff designed by Josep Llimona, given by the city to Francesc de Paula Mas i Oliver when he was ordained Bishop of Girona in 1915.


05. The synthesis room

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