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Chapel of the Holy Sacrament

Photo of the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament. Author: Ramon Manent.

Photo of the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament. Author: Ramon Manent.

The Chapel of the Holy Sacrament was built on the land for the old parish burial ground at the request of the brotherhood of La Minerva. The work began in 1884 in accordance with the plans of Mataró architect Emili Cabañes, who incorporated the neo-Byzantine style of early Modernism. The chapel was opened in 1889 during the festivities of the Saints.

The decoration was completed by artist Enric Monserdà, who adorned the walls with great fabrics alluding to the Apostles' Creed and built the vault for the apse with an image of the Holy Trinity. The building is presided over by an image of the Sacred Heart. In the upper windows there are paintings with allegorical motifs of the Eucharist by artist Mataroní Rafael Estrany.

The set of stained glass windows that decorate the façade of the chapel depicting the apostles are pre-Modernist windows made by the prestigious Amigó workshop according to the designs of Nazarene painter Claudi Lorenzale.

The present mosaic flooring was added in 1904; designed by Monserdà and executed by Mario Magliano, an Italian who settled in Barcelona and who was one of the most important mosaic craftsmen of the age. Beside the door, a depiction of the Lamb of God, in the centre, the coat of arms of Mataró and, at the foot of the altar, a font from which two deer drink (Psalm 41).

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