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Chapel of the Saints

Photograph of the Chapel of the Saints. Author: Ramon Manent.

Photograph of the Chapel of the Saints. Author: Ramon Manent.

The place where the Chapel of the Saints stands today was built in the 17th century in keeping with the project designed by the Carmelite friar Josep de la Concepció to dedicate a chapel to the Blessed Sacrament. It had a Greek cross layout and a central dome, the 1889, with the construction of the new sacramental chapel on the site of the great pit, the chapel was divided into two, one part as the Chapel of our Lady of Carmen, the other as a storeroom. 

The current physiognomy of the chapel is the work of the architect Antoni Pineda, who, in the 1940s, was commissioned to refurbish it, as it had been destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. The whole building, now dedicated to Saints Juliana and Semproniana, was revamped, with two urns containing their remains and a low-relief altarpiece depicting Christ and the Saints, the work of the sculptor Jordi Puiggalí.

In 1944, the remains of Doctor Josep Samsó i Elias, a rector of the parish murdered in 1936 and beatified in 2010, were placed in the right transept. Nearby there is a room with objects and photographs dedicated to his memory.

In 1948 the great paintings by Miquel Massot, Josep Maria Sert’s greatest colleague, were completed, covering all the walls and recounting historical episodes related to the worship of the city’s patron saints.


08. Chapel of the Saints

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