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MUHBA - The History Museum of Barcelona


MUHBA - The History Museum of Barcelona.

MUHBA - The History Museum of Barcelona.

The aim of the History Museum of Barcelona (MUHBA) is to preserve the rich heritage of Barcelona, document and study it with the utmost rigour, and disseminate it among the visitors. This work of dissemination is carried out through a combination of different formats and proposals: the organisation of permanent and temporary exhibitions, lectures and debates, seminars, workshops and children's clubs; the publishing of books, urban guides and brochures; the design of city tours and guided visits, and the preparation of signage, the website and a virtual museum. All together this provides a wide offer of activities for all ages. In this way the MUHBA intends to develop a new vision of Barcelona at the beginning of the 21st century.

The Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA) aims to be a new concept of museum, distributed throughout the city and with numerous venues that help to explain the history of Barcelona in the urban environments where it has developed: MUHBA Temple of Augustus, MUHBA Plaça del Rei, the Door of the Sea, MUHBA Roman Funeral Way, MUHBA Domus Avinyó, MUHBA the Domus of Sant Honorat, MUHBA El Call, MUHBA Santa Caterina, MUHBA Vil·la Joana, MUHBA Park Güell-Casa del Guarda, MUHBA at Fabra y Coats, MUHBA Oliva Artés, MUHBA Casa de l'Aigua, MUHBA Refugi 307 and MUHBA Turó de la Rovira. The historical and heritage story of the city is sustained and articulated in these spaces, which will also collect other heritage, such as food or musical, and what they mean in the history of Barcelona. For this reason, the Museum is also a research centre in history and heritage, with regular cycles of conferences, seminars and various postgraduate courses.




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