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Erró, Gust of Wind, 2000, oil on canvas

Erró, Gust of Wind, 2000, oil on canvas

Erró is the artistic name of Gudmundur Gudmundsson (Ólafsvík, Iceland, 1932), one of the founders of “Everyday Mythologies”. The artist gathers together cut-outs from magazines, brochures, posters and newspapers, dealing with everything going on in the world, and passes this information onto his work, interpreting it in a style that evokes illustration techniques, advertising and comics.

Gust of Wind presents a contradiction: the China whose legacy is Mao’s communism buys into the economy of the United States, a capitalist state. Mao appears as a statue and a flag. The scene is in New York, seen from beyond Manhattan, with the Twin Towers in the background, as the work was painted before the terrorist attacks.

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