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Antoni Tàpies Foundation


Antoni Tàpies Foundation, Barcelona.

Antoni Tàpies Foundation, Barcelona.

The Antoni Tàpies Foundation collection consists mostly of the works donated by Antoni and Teresa Tàpies. There are some exceptions, as in the case of Ocre-gris sobre marró (Ochre-grey over brown) (1962), donated by David K. Anderson. Furthermore, the initial nucleus of works has grown each year with the donation by Antoni and Teresa Tàpies of a new piece from each corresponding year.

Among paintings, sculptures, drawings, books and engravings, the collection contains samples of all aspects of Tàpies’ artistic activity, as well as the different typologies, techniques and materials used by the artist. The collection includes a selection of drawings and portraits from the forties, a large sample of matter works from the fifties and sixties, a significant representation of the object works from the late sixties and early seventies, and also works using foam-rubber or the spray technique, varnishes and fired clay sculptures from the eighties as well as objects and sculptures which Tàpies has created since the nineties, in which he experimented with new materials such as bronze or metallic plates, used sometimes as a pictorial support.




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