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Exhibition: Emerencià Roig. From sea to canvas

5. Documents and works of art

Title: Port of BarcelonaAuthor: Emerencià Roig i Raventos (Sitges, 1881 - Barcelona, 1935)Chronology: 1900-1935Place of performance: BarcelonaMaterial / technique: graphite and wax crayon drawing on paperDimensions: 37.5 x 27.6 cm

Title: Port of Barcelona
Author: Emerencià Roig i Raventos (Sitges, 1881 - Barcelona, 1935)
Chronology: 1900-1935
Place of performance: Barcelona
Material / technique: graphite and wax crayon drawing on paper
Dimensions: 37.5 x 27.6 cm

“Joan Roig i Soler was horrified at the mere thought that one of his sons would want to be a painter” (Vicenç COMA: “En homenatge a Joan Roig i Soler” [“A tribute to Joan Roig i Soler”], Baluard de Sitges, 1934). However, despite his profession as a pharmacist, Emerencià Roig i Raventós had great artistic sensitivity and produced several paintings and numerous drawings, almost all completed for documentary and ethnographical purposes rather than as works of art. His compositions that had fewer scientific pretensions were created using a pencil, charcoal or oils, and capture the atmosphere of the shipyards, the ports and the beaches at that time. Looking at them, we can appreciate the environment in which the seafaring folk of the day lived and worked, and discover the apparent disorder of maritime districts.

The rest of Emerencià Roig’s works are elevations of vessels of all kinds from his day; lateral views, similar to the representations boat builders presented to their clients before starting to build a ship. They are normally coloured, using coloured pencils or wax crayons, in order to reflect the colours used in each ship.


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