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Castelló d'Empúries Flour Mill and Eco-Museum

Pelshenke Index Cabinet

Pelshenke Index Cabinet

Pelshenke Index Cabinet

A balanced flour cannot be made with a single variety of wheat. A mixture of different varieties in certain proportions enables us to obtain the type of flour we wish to make, one which is suitable for one product or another, such as bread, pastries, pizzas, and so on. To make a good mixture, we have to understand the characteristics of the different varieties of wheat that arrive at the flour mill. This is why we need to obtain analyses of the different types of wheat, according to the information we’re interested in obtaining. At the Farinera (flour mill), we can perform a very simple analysis by using the Pelshenke Index, which enables us to get an idea of the quality of the wheat.


09. The indispensable miller

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