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Ecomuseum of the Valleys of Àneu


<p>Casa Gassia&rsquo;s loom is from the seventeenth century.</p>

Casa Gassia’s loom is from the seventeenth century.

The loom was used to make different kinds of fabrics. Blankets and bedcovers were made of sheep’s wool, and bed linen, tablecloths and other items with fibre made from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, that was widely grown then. In the days when almost every village would have had its herd of sheep, the valleys of Àneu were major exporters to France of raw fleeces to make wool.

This loom has been kept in good condition from being still in use for the museum’s demonstrations of the old weaving techniques, albeit certain repairs have had to be made to it over the years. Its original parts have been dated to the seventeenth or early eighteenth centuries.

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