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Gold panning Centre

Gold panning workshops

Ponds are used for gold hunting workshops using a pan.

Ponds are used for gold hunting workshops using a pan.

A place set aside for practising manual gold panning using a pan, an instrument used throughout history to manually draw the gold or other valuable minerals out of rivers and mines.

The site is preceded by a large mural illustrated with legends and stories inspired by the search for and value of gold, such as King Midas and the treasures of Count Pere d’Urgell. It is possible to temporarily experience the adventure of the true gold hunters of the Segre River.

Using a pan, a little sand containing gold and pondwater, participants learn the technique for separating the particles of gold from the sand. After a time, patience turns into excitement when a few small golden particles appear amongst the sand moved by the water. Little by little, these gold nuggets are deposited at the bottom of the pan, where they can easily be removed. The reward for this experience is the chance to take the gold you have found home with you.

This is a unique, exciting and unforgettable activity that takes you back to the great times of the gold operations on the Segre River.


<p>The pan allows the gold to be separated from the other minerals.&nbsp;Gold panning Centre. Museum of la Noguera.</p>

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