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The physical environment of La Conca

The physical environment of the Mountains of Prades (Conca de Barberà).

The physical environment of the Mountains of Prades (Conca de Barberà).

This section describes the relief, climate and hydrographic characteristics of La Conca, together with the different environments that prevail here. La Conca has a surface area of 648.9 km2 and is divided into three geographical units: the high plateau of the Baixa Segarra, the Conca (Basin) itself, and the mountains of Prades.

The relief is characterised by the Prades Miramar ranges, which close off the county to the south and south-east.

The climate is influenced by the Mediterranean sea. It is a type of dry sub-humid climate, with small variations in the mountains of Prades and the Baix Segarra plateau.

The hydrographic system of the Conca de Barberà consists mainly of two main rivers, the Francolí and the Gaià. The source of the Francolí is in the mountains of Prades. Its main tributaries are the Anguera, the Riu de la Vall and the Brugent.

The environments of La Conca comprise forests, scrubland and riparian vegetation, with pines, evergreen oaks and oaks predominating; rocky outcrops and caverns, consisting of escarpments, scree slopes and caves, ideal habitats for varieties of lizards, birds and bats; rural and agricultural areas, and anthropic areas, one of the most characteristic in the county, generally in a setting of woodland and small villages.

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