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Verdaguer House-Museum

First floor: Kitchen

<p>Kitchen with utensils from Verdaguer's time.</p>

Kitchen with utensils from Verdaguer's time.

The first floor of the Verdaguer House-Museum contains the living quarters, where we find the kitchen. The room retains the original paving stones and utensils of the era: a fireplace, a stone pitcher stand, the sink and the kitchen stove. As for furniture, there is a high-backed bench, a table, a chair and a pastera, a wooden box used in making bread. The utensils include pots, clay dishes and plates, jars, an oil lamp, a basket, a large spoon, a fan, a measure, a bushel, metal pan hooks...

The adjoining terrace overlooks the back of the house.


<p>Pitcher bench, carved in stone, 58 &times; 32 &times; 100 cm</p>
Pitcher bench
Pitcher bench
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