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Àlbula, Pablo Palazuelo, 1995

<p><em>&Agrave;lbula</em>, monument to poetry, Pablo Palazuelo, 1995</p>

Àlbula, monument to poetry, Pablo Palazuelo, 1995

Piece set in a grove of oak trees, the work of sculptor and painter Pablo Palazuelo (Madrid, 1916-2007). Inspired by the poem "What is poetry?", it represents a blank book. An identical sculpture presides over the courtyard of the Verdaguer Museum at Vil·la Joana, in Vallvidrera, as a symbol of union of the places of birth and death of Verdaguer. It was completed in 1995 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Verdaguer.

“Poetry's a skysome bird

whose frequent visits to the earth

bring trickling drops of ease to saddened

hearts of Eve's long-banished children."

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