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Casa Alegre de Sagrera

Sala Agustí Bartra. Ground floor

Sala Agustí Bartra.

Sala Agustí Bartra.

This was originally the dining room for everyday use. It is located on the other side of the entrance hall. It also has a window that looks onto Carrer de la Font Vella. 

The front corridor connected with the domestic staff area, where the kitchen and pantry, laundry and ironing room used to be, along with the sewing room and access to the basement. Part of this section now  houses the teaching area , while the remainder is not open to the public. 

It preserves the wooden wall bench with its floral frieze along the top, and the original hydraulic flooring from Casa Escofet, Tejera i Cia. The furniture is not the original one. 

Since 1983, the room has been devoted to the writers Agustí Bartra (Barcelona, 1908 - Terrassa, 1982) and Anna Murià (Barcelona, 1904 - Terrassa, 2002). Exhibited here are some of the couple’s personal and artistic items, which they bequeathed to the city.

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