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Casa Alegre de Sagrera

Salon, glass gallery, courtyard, toilet and main staircase. Ground floor

Salon of Casa Alegre de Sagrera Photo: Terrassa Museum

Salon of Casa Alegre de Sagrera Photo: Terrassa Museum

This is the main room, divided into three spaces by columns of pink marble with floral capitals bearing allegories (on agriculture, trade and the textile industry). 

The east and south walls are decorated with six panels of mural paintings with symbolist landscapes by Pere Viver i Aymerich (1873 - 1917). Part of the furnishing is original (sofas, mirror, chairs, auxiliary benches and tables). 

The glass gallery, at the rear of the house, is a light-filled room of a metallic structure supporting a ceiling of stained glass created by the Maumejéan company. A ceramic mosaic runs along the base. 

The courtyard is closed on its north side by a large wrought-iron grille with plant motifs that separates the house from the garden. 

A renovated toilet stands on the west side of the room. The door with its stained glass is the original one. The main staircase is made of mahogany with brass fittings. 

The stairwell has four mural paintings by Joaquim Vancells i Vieta (1866 - 1942). The largest picture shows the scene in which the family hero, Joaquim de Sagrera, was captured during the War of Independence: Les altures de Rubió. The other paintings depict the manor-farmhouses which were property of the Alegre family: Ca n’Ametller d’Abrera, Mas Valls and Can Palet d’Ullastrell.



<p>Jardini&egrave;re with base, Eliseu Querol (Barcelona),&nbsp;c. 1919, ceramic mosaic and wrought ironwork, 60 &times; 58 cm diameter (jardini&egrave;re) and 45 &times; 75.5 cm diameter (base). MdT 15508-15509 Photo: Teresa Llord&eacute;s</p>
Jardinière with base, c. 1919
Jardinière with base, c. 1919
<p>Oil painting on canvas attached to the wall (detail), Pere Viver i Aymerich, 223 x 100.5 cm</p>
<p>MdT 13.063 Photo: Terrassa Museum</p>
Mural painting by Pere Viver i
Mural painting by Pere Viver i Aymerich
<p><em>Paisatge amb pastor i ramat</em>, Joaquim Vancells i Vieta, undated, oil on canvas, 130 &times; 181 cm. MdT 1394 Photo: Teresa Llord&eacute;s</p>
Early 20th-century painting.
Early 20th-century painting.
<p>Wrought-iron gate in the courtyard of Casa Alegre de Sagrera. Photo: Terrassa Museum</p>
Grille between the courtyard a
Grille between the courtyard and the gardens
<p>Stained and painted glass, Jos&eacute; and Enrique Maum&eacute;jean, c. 1911 Photo: Terrassa Museum</p>
Stained-glass pane from the ga
Stained-glass pane from the gallery 1911
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