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Audioguide · Audio Guide for "In Terms Of Women"

00. Welcome
01. Capital of Serpents
02. Madonna of Madremanya
03. Mestre de Pedrinyà, Absis
04. Saint Columba
05. Head of a Lady
06. Workshop of Lluís Borrassà, Antependium
07. Madonna of Hope
08. Relief of the Visitation
09. Madonna of Besalú
10. Relief of Saint Martin
11. Master of Canapost, Altarpiece of the Nursing Madonna
12. Bernat Martorell, Altarpiece of Saint Peter of Púbol
13. Retable de saint Michel de Castelló d’Empúries
14. Altarpiece of Saint Christina of Corçà
15. Joan de Burgunya, Saint Felix Preaching to Women
16. Joan de Burgunya, Saint Ursula
17. Pere Gascó, Crucifixion
18. Pere Mates, Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
19. Madonna of Mount Carmel
20. Francesc de Generes, Marriage of the Virgin Mary
21. Andrea Vaccaro, Lot Made Drunk by His Daughters
22. Penitent Mary Magdalene
23. Jaume Pons, The Cafè Vila
24. Josep Duran, Homemade Wealth
25. Romà Ribera, Woman with Mask
26. Carlos Vázquez, Fillettes à vélo
27. Josep Berga, Woman on a Café Terrace
28. Farewell (Mela Muter, The Onyar River in Girona)
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