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Tots els colors (All the Colours)

<p><em>Tots els colors (All the Colours)</em>, &ldquo;Montserrat&rdquo; series, 1998, oil on canvas, 130 &times; 89 cm</p>

Tots els colors (All the Colours), “Montserrat” series, 1998, oil on canvas, 130 × 89 cm

"From the eternity of Montserrat to the painting of Muxart," in the words of Josep M. Cadena. Human beings interpret everything around them and sometimes become transmitters of the spirit of nature, while adding their personality. Muxart is inspired by the mountain range and in the monastery. Montserrat is much more than a geological phenomenon; it is a mystical centre, and the artist manages to capture its intense spirituality. The landscapes of this series are recognisable, but they do not contain any details that hinders our understanding of the epic rhythms forged by the large boulders.

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