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Pessebre (Manger Scene)

<p><em>Pessebre (Manger Scene)</em>, 1951, oil on canvas, 114 &times; 146 cm</p>

Pessebre (Manger Scene), 1951, oil on canvas, 114 × 146 cm

After living in Paris on a scholarship for a couple of years, Muxart returned to Barcelona in March 1950. In the spring of 1951, he held an exhibition at the Galerías Layetanas to show the public the works he had painted during this period. One of his oils from the 1930s was this Pessebre (Manger Scene), also known as Nadal (Christmas). This experience allowed him to complete his mythology and, once back home, to focus his experiences around the old Romanesque mural paintings of Catalonia so that his art could be an assimilation of the teachings of many centuries on the good side, or a lack of rest and meditation on the bad side.

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