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Cúpula blanca (White Dome)

<p><em>C&uacute;pula blanca (White Dome)</em>, 1963, oil on canvas, 62 &times; 76 cm</p>

Cúpula blanca (White Dome), 1963, oil on canvas, 62 × 76 cm

This work was also published under the title of Venècia (Venice).

After 1954, Muxart’s painting strongly takes on colour palettes exalted in spots of light. Landscapes and architectures are organised with a stronger composition, as shown in this work. The pigment is radiant and gains a spatial depth that the critic A. del Castillo interpreted in 1965 as a fundamental element of the works of Muxart: "Shape not as an objective reality, but as architecture and as pure composition, in articulated planes as if to underscore that this is its mission and none other."

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