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Balldovina Tower Museum

Santa Coloma de Gramenet

<p>Balldovina Tower Museum Building</p>

Balldovina Tower Museum Building

In 1986, the city council created the municipal museum in the Balldovina Tower, from which it takes its name. The Museum was inaugurated in 1987.

The Balldovina Tower Museum is a local multidisciplinary museum responsible for protecting, preserving, studying and disseminating the cultural and natural heritage of Santa Coloma de Gramenet. With the desire to offer a service to all citizens of Santa Coloma, it collaborates with the public and private entities that together foster the cultural and civic life of the city.

The Museum both houses collections that form part of the city’s history and strives to safeguard the monumental heritage of Santa Coloma preserved in situ. Of special note is themajor collection devoted to the Iberian world linked to the Puig Castellar Settlement.

The principal exhibition, ‘Santa Coloma: the mountain, the river, the city’, constitutes a journey into local history, from the time of the Iberian settlement at Puig Castellar down to the present day.


<p>Gallery dedicated to Iberian culture</p>
Santa Coloma: The Mountain
Santa Coloma: The Mountain
<p>The Bes&ograve;s River and its ecosystem</p>
Santa Coloma: The River
Santa Coloma: The River


<p>Weight from a scale with an Iberian inscription (a reproduction of the original in the Museu d&rsquo;Arqueologia de Catalunya de Barcelona (Catalonia Museum of Archaeology in Barcelona)</p>
Weight with inscription
Weight with inscription
<p>Perfume brazier with the attributes of the goddess Demeter</p>
Ceramic perfume brazier
Ceramic perfume brazier
<p>Lead sheet with Iberian inscription</p>
Lead with inscription
Lead with inscription
<p>Torre Balldovina, a defensive tower originating in the eleventh century</p>
Torre Balldovina
Torre Balldovina
<p>Iberian andiron found at the Puig Castellar site</p>
Iberian andiron
Iberian andiron
<p>The Jaume Galobardes manuscript</p>
The Jaume Galobardes manuscrip...
The Jaume Galobardes manuscript


<p>Aerial view of the Iberian settlement at Puig Castellar</p>
Iberian settlement of Puig Cas...
Iberian settlement of Puig Castellar





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