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<p>Statue depicting the young slave Ant&iacute;nous, 2nd century AD, white marble, 98&nbsp;&times; 30 &times; 18&nbsp;cm&nbsp;</p>

Statue depicting the young slave Antínous, 2nd century AD, white marble, 98 × 30 × 18 cm 

A rendering of Hadrian’s young slave whom the Emperor deifed after the latter’s death. It was discovered at the Roman villa of Els Munts (Altafulla).

After the death of Antinous, who drowned in the Nile, Hadrian ordered effigies of him to be raised across the Empire. The sculpture conforms to the stereotype created to perpetuate Antinous’s memory.

Very few of these portraits have been found in private homes. Its existence at the villa of Els Munts is probably a token of the owner’s desire to demonstrate his loyalty to the Emperor.

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