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Finestra oberta (Open Window)

<p><em>Finestra oberta (Open Window)</em> or <em>Interior d'una cambra (Inside a room),</em> Josep Aragay, 1922. Oil on canvas.</p>

Finestra oberta (Open Window) or Interior d'una cambra (Inside a room), Josep Aragay, 1922. Oil on canvas.

In Finestra Oberta (Open Window) (1922), Aragay paints the room in his home in Breda. Every detail of the room is painted. The covers on the bed are open, with a the typical red and white striped mattress, a chair and a small shelf. There are a couple of tables with all kinds of objects on them, and a small vase with colourful flowers lit up from a wide open window, through which we can see the trees and houses of the neighbours, with red roofs marked against the blue sky. The detail on the window, which is a key element of the composition, is a wonderful exercise in perspective, giving the painting depth and bathing the objects in the room with light and colour.

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