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Sign from the magazine Pèl i Ploma

<p>Sign from the magazine <em>P&egrave;l i Ploma</em>, Ramon Casas i Carb&oacute;, 1899, chromolithography, 62 &times; 88 cm</p>

Sign from the magazine Pèl i Ploma, Ramon Casas i Carbó, 1899, chromolithography, 62 × 88 cm

Ramon Casas i Carbo (Barcelona, 1866-1932) was a painter, illustrator and sign-maker associated with Impressionism and one of the promoters of Catalan Art Nouveau. The sign is based on a painting Ramon Casas had made the year before, in 1898. A woman is lying on a couch with a pen and a fur, alluding to the name of the advertised weekly. Sign-making was very important in Art Nouveau, and Ramon Casas was one of its most popular practitioners.


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