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Tossa de Mar Municipal Museum

Mar Menuda. Tossa (The tiny sea. Tossa)

<p><em>Mar Menuda. Tossa (The tiny sea. Tossa)</em>.&nbsp;Jaume Vilallonga Balam (Barcelona, 1861-Tossa, 1904).</p>

Mar Menuda. Tossa (The tiny sea. Tossa). Jaume Vilallonga Balam (Barcelona, 1861-Tossa, 1904).

Jaume Vilallonga was one of the first artists to be inspired by Tossa. He was also one of the first to make it famous. He had family in the town, and there is almost nowhere in the town that he has not painted. Vilallonga studied at the Llotja de Barcelona and later at the San Fernando School of Art and the Official School of Fine Arts in Madrid. Later on he went to Paris, in 1888, to study at the Colarossi Academy. Although his generation was more in contact with Catalan modernism, Vilallonga erred more towards realism.

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