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El Violinista Celest (The light-blue violinist)

<p><em>El Violinista Celest (The light-blue violinist)</em>, 1934. Marc Chagall (Vitebsk, 1887 &ndash; Saint-Paul de Vence, 1985). Gouache.</p>

El Violinista Celest (The light-blue violinist), 1934. Marc Chagall (Vitebsk, 1887 – Saint-Paul de Vence, 1985). Gouache.

In Tossa, in 1934, Chagall was fascinated by the landscape, especially by the different shades of blue. Most of his work was painted with watercolour and gouache. In “El Violinista Celest”, Chagall evokes Vitebsk. The landscape, seen through a window of intense blue, shows us the boundary between interior and exterior. While in Tossa, Chagall reflected on the landscapes of his childhood. The violinist, who could be evoking his uncle, a violinist for traditional Jewish celebrations who he was particularly close to, especially during his childhood.

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