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Iberian period

<p>&lsquo;Montmel&oacute;, camins i anys&rsquo; exhibition, Iberian period section</p>

‘Montmeló, camins i anys’ exhibition, Iberian period section

This scetion contains a collection of ceramics from the Iberian settlement discovered in 1961 close to Can Malla, to the north of Montmeló. Two granaries dating from the 4th to 2nd centuries BC have been documented. Among the material on display there is a Campania ceramic plate which still preserves the initials of its owner (Tui-Bel), and a little cup that might have been a child’s toy.


<p>Toy tableware from the Iberian settlement at Can Malla, to the north of Montmel&oacute;</p>
Toy cup
Toy cup
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