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Municipal Museum of Llívia


<p>The Municipal Museum of Ll&iacute;via is located in the Town Hall, opposite the church</p>

The Municipal Museum of Llívia is located in the Town Hall, opposite the church

The jewel in the crown of the Municipal Museum of Llívia is the furniture from the Esteva Pharmacy, considered the oldest preserved pharmacy in Europe that was open to the public, dating back to the early 15th century.

The exhibits were bought by Provincial Government of Girona under the condition that they would never leave Llívia and that the Town Council would be responsible for them. They were on display in the Bernat de So Tower, until 1981 when the Municipal Museum was built and opened in the Town Hall. In 2006 the museum was closed for renovation, and in May 2012 it was reopened. The museum covers the entire ground floor of the same building.

Before visiting the old pharmacy, visitors can get a taste for the history of the town of Llívia by seeing some of the archaeological and ethnological exhibits and documents on display. This way you can find out more about the regional history of the town and the surrounding landscape and botany, and get closer to the history of pharmacies, and to the Esteva Pharmacy in particular.


<p>Section 1 Ll&iacute;via, an enclave in the Pyrenees</p>
Llívia, an enclave in the Pyrenees
Llívia, an enclave in the Pyrenees
<p>Section 2. The History of the Pharmacy.</p>
The History of the Pharmacy
The History of the Pharmacy
<p>Section 3. Esteva Pharmacy Exhibition.</p>
Esteva Pharmacy Exhibition
Esteva Pharmacy Exhibition


<p>Monkey skeleton with trousseau, from the 5th-6th century, taken from the excavation site in Colomines.</p>
Monkey skeleton with trousseau
Monkey skeleton with trousseau
<p>Medicine cabinet from the Mart&iacute; Pharmacy, from the first quarter of the 18th century.</p>
Medicine cabinet from the Mart...
Medicine cabinet from the Martí Pharmacy
<p>Cobalt blue albarello from the pharmacy.</p>
Albarello from the pharmacy
Albarello from the pharmacy
<p>Polychrome, Renaissance-style box showing the image of John the Evangelist.</p>
Polychrome, Renaissance-style...
Polychrome, Renaissance-style box


<p>Bernat de So Tower.</p>
Bernat de So Tower
Bernat de So Tower
<p>Location of Ll&iacute;via Castle</p>
Llívia Castle
Llívia Castle





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