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Ca n’Oliver Iberian Settlement and Museum

A humanised landscape

<p>Stack of sacks showing the capacity of a silo</p>

Stack of sacks showing the capacity of a silo

This space is devoted to the main Iberian production activities, agriculture and livestock, and their impact on the natural environment, with a special section given over to the conservation of agricultural products. 

Highlighted here are the transformation of the landscape and the importance of agriculture, cereals in particular, in Iberian economy. On show in a display case is a selection of iron tools which, along with other technological innovations, increased agricultural production and surplus. 

Next on show is a silo, a medium and long-term storage system for cereals intended for commercial exchange with other Mediterranean peoples: Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans. A stack of sacks illustrates the capacity of an average-sized Ca n'Oliver silo. Next to this are two original silo lids. 

In stock-breeding, a complementary activity to agriculture, sheep and goats were of particular importance. One display case contains the remains of livestock documented from Ca n’Oliver, and its main uses are described. 

Lastly, an audiovisual and wild animal remains from the Iberian sites of Cerdanyola introduce us to a forest, pastureland and cultivated-field landscape modelled by farming activities as well as to an astonishing variety of fauna.


<p>Hoe found on the Ca n'Oliver site</p>
<p>A sheep&rsquo;s skull</p>
A sheep’s skull
A sheep’s skull
<p>Bear tooth handle</p>
Bear tooth handle
Bear tooth handle
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