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Ca n’Oliver Iberian Settlement and Museum

Commerce, artisans and peasants

<p>Panels showing artisans, weavers, and a set of ceramics</p>

Panels showing artisans, weavers, and a set of ceramics

This section presents the other groups that made up Iberian society and commercial activities. 

An audiovisual portrays the tasks of each social group. The specialised activity of artisans is represented by  a set of iron, bronze and lead objects, made by blacksmiths and smelters, followed by a whole series of containers made on potters’ wheels, exhibited in two display cases. 

Also presented is fabric production, a prestigious task carried out by women. This activity is illustrated through raw materials and tools used to spin, weave and sew clothes. 

The last, most numerous, social group was the peasantry. Devoted to agriculture and stock-raising, the peasantry was responsible for the livelihood of the community. A unique set of iron tools, found near the River Ripoll, is exhibited in a display case. 

This section comes to an end with commercial activities. A map of the Mediterranean shows the distant provenance of some objects found at Ca n’Oliver and the time it took a ship to bring them here. A pile of bottles illustrates the capacity of an amphora and an audiovisual portrays the exchange of products between Greek merchants and a group of Iberians.


<p>Kalathos, a characteristic piece from the Iberian world</p>
<p>This fish dish forms part of the black varnished imported tableware found at Ca n'Oliver</p>
Fish dish
Fish dish
<p>Punic amphora from Ibiza</p>
Punic amphora from Ibiza
Punic amphora from Ibiza
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