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Saint Roch

<p>Alonso Berruguete, <em>Saint Roch</em>, 1526-1532, Valladolid. &copy;&nbsp;Museu Frederic Mar&egrave;s. Photo: Guillem F-H</p>

Alonso Berruguete, Saint Roch, 1526-1532, Valladolid. © Museu Frederic Marès. Photo: Guillem F-H

Alonso Berruguete, dated from 1490 to 1562, is considered the most important Spanish Mannerist sculptor of the sixteenth century. This work is related to the high altarpiece of the Monastery of San Benito in Valladolid, done by the artist between 1526 and 1532, and now in the Museo Nacional de Sculpture (National Sculpture Museum) in Valladolid.

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