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Saint Peter of Alcántara

<p>Pedro de Mena, <em>Saint Peter of Alc&aacute;ntara</em>, 1663-1673, Granada, &copy;&nbsp;Museu Frederic Mar&egrave;s. Photo: Ramon Muro</p>

Pedro de Mena, Saint Peter of Alcántara, 1663-1673, Granada, © Museu Frederic Marès. Photo: Ramon Muro

This piece by de Mena, one of the finest sculptors of the Andalusian Baroque sculptural school, was done between 1663 and 1673. It soon became one of the most distinguished and repeated iconographical depictions of this artist from Granada. In his work Pedro de Mena expressed the religiosity of seventeenth century Spain. For this reason he received commissions both from the Church and from civil society.

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