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Children Playing with a Butterfly

<p>Antoni Sol&agrave; Llansas, <em>Children Playing with a Butterfly</em>, 1839. &copy;&nbsp;Museu Frederic Mar&egrave;s. Photo: V&iacute;ctor Oliva</p>

Antoni Solà Llansas, Children Playing with a Butterfly, 1839. © Museu Frederic Marès. Photo: Víctor Oliva

Antoni Solà was one of the greatest European Neo-classical sculptors. He was born in Barcelona and studied at the Escuela de Nobles Artes (School of Noble Arts). The quality of the composition is a testimony to the artist’s well-deserved fame, as he always defended the idea that ideal beauty had to be sought out by imitating the ancients. This is one of the most important pieces in the museum’s nineteenth century sculpture collection.

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