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The Baldachin of Ribes

<p>Baldachin of Ribes, 12th century, workshops of La Seu d&rsquo;Urgell</p>

Baldachin of Ribes, 12th century, workshops of La Seu d’Urgell

The panel-type baldachin was a type of liturgical element commonly found in Catalonia, and was placed above the altar in the apse of the church, supported by a pair of beams. It was intended to protect the altar, the most important part of the church, and to make it stand out, being illuminated on certain occasions by hanging oil lamps on it. The Baldachin of Ribes is regarded as a masterpiece of Catalan Romanesque painting on wood. The great technical and creative skill apparent in this artist makes him comparable only with the painter of the murals of Sant Climent de Taüll.


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