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Altar of Santa Maria de Lluçà

<p>Altar of Santa Maria de Llu&ccedil;&agrave;, Master of Llu&ccedil;&agrave;, 13th century, Vic workshops</p>

Altar of Santa Maria de Lluçà, Master of Lluçà, 13th century, Vic workshops

The altar of Lluçà is the most outstanding example of Italo-Byzantine influence in Catalonia from around the year 1200. Unlike the works preserved from the earlier period of this strand, the altar of Lluçà shows a new iconographic subject: the coronation of the Mother of God, which was common in new French Gothic art. The other side shows another strikingly original subject: The Mother of God with the seven graces of the Holy Spirit. The front has images of the Incarnation and was decorated with a sheet of coloured metal. The work is remarkable for its artistic quality.


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