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Diocesan and Comarcal Museum of Solsona

Earthenware vases

<p>Two earthenware vases, from a cave at Solanells (Olius, Solson&egrave;s), from the Chalcolithic</p>

Two earthenware vases, from a cave at Solanells (Olius, Solsonès), from the Chalcolithic

Two maritime-style vases of bell-shaped pottery: the first decorated with fringes of three-line corded stripes and the second with fringes of dots or points. Together with three other bell-shaped beakers they were part of a trove of grave goods from the Chalcolithic found in a cave at Solanells which had been used for burials. When this cave was excavated by Father Joan Serra i Vilaró the remains of some thirty people were found.

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