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Diocesan and Comarcal Museum of Solsona

Last Supper, church of Santa Constança

<p><em>Last Supper</em>, from the church of Santa Constan&ccedil;a in Linya (Nav&egrave;s, Solson&egrave;s), fifteenth century.</p>

Last Supper, from the church of Santa Constança in Linya (Navès, Solsonès), fifteenth century.

Tempera painting on the wood of the predella of a large altarpiece, from the second quarter of the fifteenth century, showing the Last Supper. The central figure is Jesus Christ, who is sharing his last meal with his apostles and, unusually, with Mary Magdalene, who rarely appears in such scenes in art of the time. The most striking detail in this version of the Last Supper is the tableware, especially the dishes, which are copies of the Ave Maria series that was produced by the famous pottery of Manises, which was active at the time this piece was painted. The painting is ascribed, variously, to Jaume Ferrer I or to Pere Teixidor, and was originally found in the church of Santa Constança in Linya (Navès, Solsonès).

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